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Beth has been an unbelievably great massage therapist for both my wife and myself for the past 7 years. She studies anatomy and physiology ongoing to help pinpoint areas to therapeutically manipulate and relieve pain and fix problem areas--usually permanently. A good example of this: After being treated for plantar fasciitis by a podiatrist with injections and a prescription for physical therapy, I was at an impasse. I was heading for surgery after about 8 months of foot pain. Beth performed a therapeutic massage on my calf and foot, manipulating it. I began to feel an immediate improvement and after 2 more sessions felt no pain in my heel! My podiatrist was very impressed. My wife can't say enough good about Beth and her ability to keep us healthy and pain free. I suffer from PTSD from my war experiences as well and her massage therapy has, I'm sure, helped that as well.

"Beth is a very professional and courteous massage therapist."

"Beth is a wonderful massage therapist. She is very conscientious about my specific needs and is always taking new classes to add to her technique and experience. I would highly recommend Beth for anyone that wants a healing and relaxing experience."

"It's a miracle! Beth, my neck and I would like to thank you for your fabulous massage. I can move my neck all the way round and it doesn't hurt!"

"I was significantly helped by Beth's expertise in dealing with a painful problem with my leg. I recommend her whenever someone asks about a good massage therapist."

"I've been getting massages from Beth for several years. She is attentive to what I need and deals with areas that I have identified, then goes beyond to address issues that turn up. Her manner is professional and warm, allowing me to relax before the treatment is started."

"I have been to other Massage Therapists, however, Beth is the only one that really understands the problems with my shoulder and arm. She asks very good questions, listens intently, applies her magic fingers and releases the knots, and all along, she makes certain she is doing what is needed for me that day. I won’t waste my time going to any other massage therapists. I live in Evergreen and she is well worth the drive to Arvada"


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